Classes + Mentoring



Claire teaches five-week poetry courses at the Centre for Adult Education (CAE) in Melbourne’s CBD. You can register directly via the CAE website.

Creative Writing (including poetry)

These government-subsidised classes are offered on Thursdays and Fridays, through the Sandybeach Centre in Sandrigham, and usually run the length of a school term (~20 weeks).

For bookings and details, contact the centre directly on 03 9598 2155 or email them at


Claire provides private mentoring via Zoom, email, phone and in-person.
If you are interested, please contact her via email at

Claire also offers mentorships through Australian Poetry and for Writers Victoria in Australia. Please contact these organisations directly if you wish to engage Claire through them.

Student testimonials

Lesh Karan (January 2020):

I did the CAE poetry course in Feb 2019, and fell in love with the teacher. Claire’s encouragement and feedback inspires me to keep writing, and to write often. So when the course finished, I immediately signed up to her creative writing class in Sandringham. I have been attending regularly ever since. Even though it takes me an hour to get there, it is the highlight of my week, where my work is workshopped within a beautiful and safe community that Claire has fostered. I am a very new poet, and have had had three pieces published and another two forthcoming, which no doubt has been because of my attending Claire’s class. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Claire Gaskin to anyone who is looking to further develop their craft, regardless of their level of experience.

Kim Smith (August 2018):

I look forward to attending Claire’s Intensive Writing Course on Saturdays. I enjoy the class immensely. With Claire’s encouragement, I write frequently and with confidence. Claire’s invaluable feedback and advice, makes it a pleasure to share my work. Claire’s vast experience and passion for creative writing inspires me to continue and improve. To those who wish to pursue any style of writing, I strongly recommend Claire Gaskin. 

Allannah Law (July, 2018):

I have been a writing student of renowned Poet Claire Gaskin since 2015. During that time I have had two pieces published by the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC), one of which was named as Editor’s Pick (Pocketdocs). I have found Claire to be an insightful, dynamic and supportive teacher and mentor. Not only has she helped me realise my dream of becoming a published author, but under her tutelage I have grown as a person, challenged my own beliefs and developed critical thinking. If you are looking for a writing class or mentor who will inspire, improve and broaden your writing skills, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Claire.

Ellina Zipman (June, 2018):

Most of my life I had a desire to write, but it was only when I became a student of Claire’s creative writing class, that I started developing skills and confidence as a writer and the courage to attach the word “poet” to my name. Claire has been my creative writing mentor since 2011. Her classes for me is a lifeline.

Leo Jahn (June, 2018):

I’ve been attending Claire’s Advanced Writing Skills Workshops since 2013 and have not only enjoyed these sessions thoroughly but Claire has also inspired me and provided me with skills and sound advice to improve my writing. If it wasn’t for Claire’s inspiration and encouragement I wouldn’t be writing as I am now. I highly recommend Claire as a teacher and mentor for those who want to pursue a career in writing in any form or for those like me who have a passion for the written word. I wouldn’t look at enrolling in writing courses unless taught by Claire Gaskin.

Carl Beswick (May, 2017):

Claire is one of the most inspirational and passionate teachers I’ve ever had. She fills the classroom with personality and a sense of ease and trust that can really encourage students to go deeper, and to express themselves more freely. I’m sure that her teaching style will help to inspire many artists and writers for many years to come.

Geraldine Burrowes (March, 2014):

Claire has encouraged and inspired more than anyone could imagine. A brilliant highly ethical mentor with boundless energy and great fun.